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Tax Structures


The Australian tax system is complex and very complicated. The accounting skills and current industry knowledge should be the basis of every strategic decision made. To minimize your tax liabilities, it is important that your business tax structures are established and implemented correctly. It is always best to consult a tax accountant or a tax consultant. Businessmen, of all sectors, face ever-increasing complexity and scrutiny when it comes to managing their taxation responsibilities and matters. Taxation can be a major cost to your business. We will work in partnership with you and your staff to minimize your tax expense and assist you achieve your business objectives. We are a team of internal tax experts to provide sophisticated and practical advice to our clients to a level of capability comparable to the top-level metro firms. Our specialist team will help to ensure you have the right tax structures and strategies in place to eliminate risk and maximize opportunities.
Traditionally the primary services that the small businesses seek from their accountants is the preparation of annual Financial Statements and filing of their annual Income Tax Returns. We offer services in taxation that are best suited to the businesses of all scales. And with ever-changing rules, and an ever more aggressive Tax Office, you want to ensure your Tax Returns are filed at the right time. The services that we offer include:
Tax Returns
          a) Calculation of Tax Expense (Prior Period, Deferred, Current)
          b) Tax Notes
          c) Filing of tax returns
Advice on R&D Investment
Business Mergers
Assets acquisitions and disposals
Capital Gain Tax
Advice on Debt and Equity Rules and Regulations
Tax audits and risk management
Our professional team of tax experts and tax consultants make sure that the tax expense of our clients remains at the lowest possible level and their profitability increases.

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