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Corporate Accounting

Corporate Accounting is a branch of accounting which deals with the accounting for company’s preparation of their final accounts and cash flow statements. It also deals with the analysis and interpretation of company’s financial results and accounting for specific events like absorption, amalgamation, summarizing of the consolidated statement of financial position, budget forecasting and implementing accounting systems. Good corporate accounting is the foundation of comprehensive business management and financial health in the long-run. Modern business requires up-to-date and accurate financial information. One of the major reasons why small or new businesses fail is the inability to properly manage the record keeping. Our team of professional accountants can assist you in corporate accounting and bookkeeping. The corporate accounting services that we offer include:

  • Preparation of Annual Budgets (Fixed and Flexed)

  • Implementation of Financial Accounting Systems

  • Implementation of Cost Systems

  • Establishing superannuation and property owning structures

  • Assisting startups and acquisition of businesses

  • Supervision of management takeovers

  • Implementing staff bonus plans

  • Inventory Measurement and Valuation

The normal course of business can distract you from managing corporate accounting properly and that is exactly where the flaws take birth. Our team can take all that burden from you and your staff, allowing you to do what you do best. The techniques we utilize to form financial projections enable you to ponder future situations and provide you with goals to strive for in your business. We also conduct the audit with relevant audit procedures to add value to your business. Our team will plan your audit and work closely with your team throughout the audit process so you can have the confidence that the needs and objectives of your business or organization will be met. We make sure that all your corporate accounting needs are met accordingly to your business demand that works in good faith of your business.

Daynes Melbourne Office

Daynes Advisory Melbourne Office Corporate Accounting
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