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Small Practice Advice Network

From many years of providing specialist taxation support to small practitioners, Daynes' advisors realise how difficult it is for practitioners in smaller practices to keep up with the constantly changing taxation laws.

Daynes' Small Practice Network enables smaller professional practices to offer a wider range of taxation services to their clients.

From researching and advising on complex taxation issues to providing the comfort of a second opinion, Daynes' Small Practice Network services assists smaller professional practices to offer their clients sound and current taxation advice. This reduces advisory risk for the practitioner and improves client service. In addition, Daynes is aware of many instances where  smaller practices have referred clients with complex taxation issues to larger accounting firms and subsequently lost the client.  

Daynes is a small, skilled practice that aims to provide taxation advisory services at rates that are compatible with those charged by smaller practitioners.  Daynes also operates to the highest ethical standards.  We are in business to help practitioners provide quality services to their clients and improve client satisfaction and retention..

Daynes is already working with a number of smaller professional practices on matters as diverse as company loans and the attendant Division 7A obligations to the application of the Research & Development Tax Incentive.

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