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Business Restructuring

Business Structure refers to the way in which the normal course of work is carried in a business organization. An appropriate business structure enables the business to run efficiently and manage its risks from the external factors. A company structure points to the legal and operational structure of your business. Having the right business structure will have implications on the tax expenses, ongoing operational costs and the flexibility of equity introductions. Startups especially have very short time to put in place the right business structures and in the case of economic changes, they are not able to manage business restructuring properly and effectively. 

In Australia, the four commonly used business structures are; sole trader, partnership, limited company and a trust. Having the right structure is important and even if it is not right or suitable, restructuring is inevitable. We make sure that your business structure is exactly the kind your business needs. We are a team of specialists in restructuring the business, particularly with startups and company turnarounds. Our services in the field of business restructuring includes:

For Startups:
•    Advice on Business Structuring
•    Startup planning
•    Business structures for tax minimization and asset protection
•    Tax obligations 
•    Advice on Tax planning 
•    Advice on General business
•    Advice on Financial management
•    Advice on Bookkeeping solutions
•    Advice on Cash flow planning


For Established Business
•    Improve company performance
•    Business Restructuring
•    Expert Advice to Avoid solvency issues
•    Manage refinancing arrangements
•    Debt or equity swaps
•    Creditor negotiations
•    Corporate restructuring
•    Risk assessment and management
•    Strategic plan for company restructure


A proper business structure will reduce your costs and as a result, your profit will increase which definitely, is the sole plan of starting the business activities. An optimal business structure reduces the risk of not being able to match the costs and liabilities of the business and we are here to guide you in that matter. 

Daynes Advisory Melbourne Office - Business Structuring

Daynes Melbourne Office


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