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Superannuation Strategies

Superannuation is a tax-effective environment. Superannuation strategies are those strategies that are adopted in order to accumulate funds for the retirement. Many of you might be aware of the fact that rules and regulations regarding superannuation contributions have become complex in the recent times. Without proper planning, the ability to achieve the desired tax advantages can be forgone which can be very harmful to the business. The government also encourages the citizens to take superannuation funds to reach their financial retirement goals. Superannuation enables you to control your investment strategy, reduce tax expenses and at the same time obtaining tax benefits, and control administration costs.

We are a team of superannuation experts who can who can assist in establishing a superannuation fund that will commendably enable you to reach your financial goals upon retirement. We offer different services regarding superannuation that includes:

  • Superannuation audits

  • Advice on compliance matters

  • Advice on taxation benefits

  • Advice on control of taxation

  • Advice on employer obligations

  • Completing and Compiling information for the Insurance and Superannuation Commissions

  • Establishing self-managed superannuation funds with all the required registrations

  • Advice on Pension Planning

  • Creation of annual financial statements and income tax returns

One of our significant planning considerations in the wealth creation plan of the client is to utilize the tax concessional environment of superannuation funds to the maximum level. With limitations on annual contributions, gearing through the use of a restricted option borrowing arrangement is a strategy available to build the wealth in the superannuation environment. This chains with the ability to invest in a wide range of assets that was not possible in classical superannuation funds; and the tax benefits available when in pension phase makes superannuation funds a key tool in long-term wealth creation goals. Our team is very much capable of setting up a superannuation fund that is well suited to your requirements.

Daynes Melbourne Office

Daynes Advisory Melbourne Office - Superannuation Strategy
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